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Here at INFUSED Candle Co, we use only the highest quality ingredients to craft our candles. We are proud to bring our scent collections into your home or business! Our candles have just three simple ingredients: soy wax, wood or cotton wicks, and then infused with premium fragrances. Some of our premium fragrance oils are even infused with essential oils!  And of course, all are made with 100% soy wax.  Soy is an eco-friendly, clean burning, and biodegradable wax. As a comparison, soy candles burn longer and cooler than traditional paraffin candles by 25-50%!


We love to keep things local, almost as if we’re "infused" in the community. In the process of hand pouring our candles right here in Tulsa, we not only want to support our local community, but we want to give back to local organizations. A static theme in our company is whatever we do, however we do it, we want to give back.



We offer custom products as well!  Want a cool sand-carved logo on your soy candle jar?  We work with The Chizel right here in Tulsa and can provide many different designs for bulk orders!

Using a state-of-the-art engraver, we can custom laser engrave on lids, packaging, and many other materials.  This service is great for wedding favors!

While we don’t color most of our candles because we try to be additive-free, if you really want a colored candle, we can certainly do it for you!

Keep checking back for updates on our 2019 Lineup, we have some really unique products coming soon!

Contact us about our many customization options!