Light It - Smell It - Love It

From woodsy to fruity and everywhere in between, we feel the variety of these scents are fantastic and could be burned year-round!  This list will be growing as time goes on.  For now, we consider this our main collection for our retail and wholesale soy candles company!


[ citrus + bergamot + sea salt & amber wood ]

A truly amazing men’s fine fragrance with notes of citrus, bergamot, sea salt and amber wood.  This would be our version of a “man” candle.


[ fresh mahogany + golden amber & sandalwood ]

Light this candle and feel like you are taking a walk through the woods!  Revel in the cozy fragrances of mahogany, cedar wood and oak, highlighted by delicate lavender and geranium.


[ warm hickory + smokey cedar ]

With notes of charred pine, smokey sandalwood and cedar, you’ll be taken straight to your memories of camping!


[ siberian pine + cedar + musk ]

This blend contains mild citrus top notes, earthy undertones, and a woody balsam core that is both cozy and comforting!


[ tropical fruits + sugared citrus ]

This aroma may just enslave your nostrils without apology!  A totally delightful blend of tropical fruits and sugared oranges, lemons and limes with hints of exotic florals and mountain greens…beautiful!

Pixie Dust

[ fruit medley + lavender + jasmine & coconut ]

This blend is made up of a luscious tropical fruit medley with lavender and sandalwood, finished off with a raspberry vanilla and coconut base.  That’s a lot of fruit!

Peace of Mind

[ eucalyptus & spearmint ]

Calming eucalyptus and mild spearmint notes make for a relaxing fragrance.

Date Night

[ carnation + sandalwood + amber & patchouli ]

Base notes of white carnation and blood orange are the perfect foil for heart notes of sandalwood, black rose, smokey wood and a kiss of patchouli.  Top notes of toasted vanilla, amber, and a touch of musk round out this sexy fragrance!

Coffee House

[ roasted coffee + sugar cane ]

This makes a wonderful gift for the coffee lover!  The aroma of coffee beans combined with creamy vanilla and a base of hazelnut will make you think you’re at the local coffee shop!

Summer Nights

[ citrus + cherry blossom + hydrangea ]

Enchanting and light, Summer Nights will fill your home with the scent of love and romance!  Juicy citrus notes atop a fruity floral heart make this especially delectable!


[ lavender + fresh fern + wild honey ]

Green notes accent the lavender accord that intertwines with fresh fern, wild honey, and finished off with warm sandalwood.

Wild Lavender

[ eucalyptus + lavender + rose + cedar leaf ]

Alluring fields of French lavender mingle with tender greens and woody facets for a warm finish.

Cactus Blossom

[ fresh flowers + cactus stems + coconut ]

The alluring beauty of a cactus flower captured in a blend of fresh white flowers, green cactus stems and sunkissed coconut.

Maple Bacon

[ maple syrup + fried bacon ]

Wonderful, savory notes of hickory smoked bacon with nuances of maple sugar, melted butter and vanilla.


[ red apple + cloves + cinnamon sticks ]

Crisp, fresh apple kissed with sparks of hearty cinnamon spice.  A classic, delicious scent!

Margaret's Kitchen

[ cinnamon + sugar + love ]

Sweet, sticky, buttery and spicy with a hint of clove and loaded with warm cinnamon!  This will bring you back to your grandma’s cinnamon rolls.